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Friday, 14 September 2007
Bridgman, Dr. R W. A physicist who carried out experiments in diamond synthesis in 1941 in cooperation with the General Electric Co., the CarČborundum Co. and the Norton Co. at Harvard's Dunbar Physics LaboraČtory, which he helped to make faČmous for its research on the behavior of solids under extreme pressures. One experiment involved subjecting a block of pure graphite to a temperČature of 2800░C. at a pressure of 30,000 kilograms per square cenČtimeter. In another experiment, simiČlar high temperatures and pressures were applied to a graphite block in which small "seed" Diamonds had been embedded. None of the experČiments resulted in the transformaČtion of graphite to diamond, but Bridgman's experiments indicated that higher temperatures and pressures should bring success. See SYNTHETIC DIAMOND.
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