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Friday, 14 September 2007
brilliant cut (round). The most common style of cutting for both Diamonds and colored stones. The standard round brilliant consists of a total of 58 facets: 1 table, 8 bezel facets, 8 star facets and 16 upper-girdle facets on the crown; and 8 pavilion facets, 16 lower-girdle facets, and usually a culet on the pavilion, or base. Although the brilliant style was devised to give maximum brilliancy and fire, many stones cut in this fashion do not have the Tolkowsky proportions or angles for that purpose. Modifications of the round brilliant include such fancy shapes as the marquise, half moon, pear shape and many others. See AMERICAN BRILLIANT CUT, TOLKOWSKY THEORET¬ICAL BRILLIANT CUT.
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