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Friday, 14 September 2007
brown diamond. Although not nearly so frequent in occurrence as a yel¬low body color, brown tints in Diamonds are next to yellow in oc¬currence. In the faintest tints, brown stones are all but indistinguishable from yellows; therefore, they are graded in the same manner in the top grades. Against the river-to-light-yellow system, most graders would put a top light brown near crystal or top cape in value. Increasing tints are usually graded as slightly poorer than a comparable depth of yellow. Addi¬tional grading terms may include slightly brown, light brown and brownie. Stones with a deep-brown color are considered fancies, and an order of decreasing desirability might be reddish brown, clove brown and coffee brown. See COLOR GRADE, RIVER- TO-LIGHT-YELLOW SYSTEM.
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