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Tuesday, 18 September 2007

DiamondLite (trademark, Gemolog-ical Institute of America). An in­strument for color grading Diamonds by visual comparison with master diamonds. It affords a constant source of artificial light that is the equivalent of north daylight and eliminates reflections from surround­ings; also, it restricts dispersion of the light passing through the stone. The instrument incorporates a longwave ultraviolet tube for detect­ing fluorescence in diamonds and other stones. Also called Diamolite. See color grade, fluorescence, cia color-grading system, master diamonds, north daylight

Diamondlux (trademark,^ Gemologi-cal Institute of America). A special overhead light fixture, introduced in 1959, for jewelry-store illumination. The unit consists of a combination of special fluorescent tubes, the effect of which is to produce a daylight-equivalent illumination to show ob­jects in their true colors. A unique pattern and type of baffles produces individual light sources, yielding a degree of dispersion and scintillation in gems not seen in other present types of illumination. These soft, pinpoint sources of light make possi­ble, for example, the demonstra­tion of the comparative beauty of diamonds cut to different propor­tions. The same lighting unit, but without the baffles, is known as the Verilux.

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