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Tuesday, 18 September 2007

diamond paper. A sheet of paper folded to form a pocket in which Diamonds or other gems are con­tained. Usually, a durable paper stock is used. One or more sheets of similarly folded paper may be used to line and strengthen the outer paper. Weight, lot number, and coded or uncoded prices usually are marked on the flap of the paper.

diamond-paper weight. A collapsible frame, consisting of four hinged pieces of thin metal, used to hold diamond papers open while examin­ing stones.

diamond paste. A paste made of diamond powder and other suitable substances for use in grinding and pol­ishing purposes. A modern, high-grade diamond paste consists of a wetting and dispersing agent, a car­rier for maintaining a relatively per­manent and uniform suspension of the diamond particles, a plasticizer for attaining a desirable consistency of the carrier, and a dye or other col­oring agent to distinguish between different diamond grades.

diamond pencil. A cutting tool tipped with diamond used for cutting or marking.

diamond pipe. A cylindrical to ir­regular shaped, more or less vertical, diamond-bearing kimberlite intru­sion; an eruptive channel of a vol­canic breccia containing kimberlite. They usually decrease in area with increasing depth and contain suffi­cient diamonds to be minable. See


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