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Tuesday, 18 September 2007

diamond Research Laboratory. A

scientific research organization es­tablished in 1947 in Johannesburg, Republic of South africa, and spon­sored by Industrial Distributors, Ltd. (a subsidiary of the Diamond Corpo­ration, Ltd.) for two principal pur­poses: (1) to assist mining companies with problems concerning extraction processes and in investigations lead­ing to increased output and reduced cost, and (2) to act as a research ser­vice center for all users of both in­dustrial and gem Diamonds. See


diamond saw. (1) A saw used for di­viding, or separating, diamonds (see sawing). (2) A diamond-charged blade used as a cutting edge in fash­ioning colored stones or in various applications in industry.

Diamondscope (trademark, Ameri­can Gem Society). A binocular gemological microscope incorporat­ing an especially designed illum­inator with an adjustable baffle that affords examination of diamonds and other Gemstones by either dark-or light-field illumination. It has the effect of eliminating most reflections from the crown facets, so the inclu­sions (imperfections) can be ob­served and identified. Used for both the identification of colored stones

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