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Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Doelter, C. A German scientist who, about 1902, attempted to produce synthetic Diamonds by the Friedlan-der method but with more complex mixtures. See friedlander, l, synthetic diamond.

Doornbult. A minor alluvial diamond deposit in Wolmaransstad area, Transvaal Province, Republic of South africa. This mine contributes very little to total South African allu­vial production.

Doornkloof. (1) One of the more im­portant alluvial diamond deposits in

the Barkly West area, Cape Province, Republic of South Africa. Production for one recent year totaled approxi­mately 11,000 carats. (2) Also, the name of a small pipe mine in the same area, owned by Treasure Trove Diamonds, Ltd.

Doornlaagte. A minor alluvial dia­mond deposit in the Barkly West area, Cape Province, Republic of South Africa. Current production is negligible.

dop. Any device that is used to hold a diamond during the sawing or faceting process. One type of dop consists of a metal cup on the end of a flexible rod that is filled with a low-melting-point lead alloy in which the rough diamond is held. Another type, called a mechanical dop, is a small adjustable vise that holds the diamond at the proper angle on the polishing wheel, or lap. Although the shellac-and-wax holder for both diamonds to be cleaved and for the sharp used to groove dia­monds preparatory to cleaving is usu­ally called a cleaver's stick. It, too, is sometimes called a dop. A cutter's

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