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Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Dowagiac diamond. A 10.87-carat rounded, hexoctahedral crystal that was found in 1895 near Dowagiac, Cass Co., Michigan. Its present whereabouts is unknown.

drag line. Irregularities in polish caused by inclusions at the surface leaving a marking downstream from the object. Polishing drag lines are caused by polishing powder or mi­nute detritus being pulled from an inclusion or feather by the rotation of the lap. They are only seen on one side of the inclusion since they origi-

nate at the point where the inclusion reaches the surface.

draw color. When several Diamonds are placed in a diamond paper to­gether and light passes through one stone after another, each stone tends to intensify the slight color of the other. The group of stones is then said to draw color. The term is also used to describe an individual dia­mond with a visibly yellow body color.

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