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Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Dresden White diamond. Augustus the Strong of Saxony (1670-1733)

was a man of luxurious and ex­travagant tastes, especially where jewels, paintings and other art ob­jects were concerned. For example, he is reported to have paid between $750,000 and $1,000,000 for a single diamond that struck his fancy: a colorless, square-cut, 49.71-carat stone that came to be known as the Dresden (or Saxon) White. This probably would have been the high­est per carat price paid for a diamond at that time. Like its cele­brated companion, the Dresden Green, this historically important stone is mounted in an elaborate eighteenth-century shoulder knot (with 19 other large Diamonds and 216 other smaller rose-cut stones) and has long held a prominent place among the Crown Jewels of Saxony in the Green Vaults in Dresden, Germany. It, too, was confiscated by the Russians after World War II but is now back in its familiar resting place in Dresden's Historical Museum.

Dresden yellow diamond. Formerly in the famous Green Vaults of the State Art Collection in Dresden, Germany, this 38-carat, yellow, brilliant-cut diamond was confis-

cated by the Soviet Trophies' Or­ganization in 1945. In 1958, how­ever, it was returned to Dresden by the Russians and is again on display in the Museum.

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