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Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Dutch rose cut. Sometimes known as the Holland rose or crowned rose. More pointed than other rose cuts. There are 24 triangular facets ar­ranged in groups of six over a flat base. The height is usually half the diameter of the stone. Du Toit I diamond. A 250-carat yel­lowish crystal found in the Du-toitspan Mine, Republic of South africa, in 1871. Present ownership unknown.

Du Toit II Diamond. A 127-carat yellowish crystal found in the Dutoitspan Mine, Republic of South Africa, in 1871. Present whereabouts unknown. Dutoitspan Diamond. See oppenheimer


Dutoitspan Mine (du-toits"-pahn).

The second diamond pipe mine dis

covered in South Africa (September, 1870), on the farm Dorstfontein, near the present town of Kimberley. Dutoitspan was the name given to the pan, or natural land basin, on this farm. This mine is noted for its large yellow Diamonds and for its production of a large proportion of big stones. Annual production is usually between 200,000 and 300,000 carats.

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