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Wednesday, 19 September 2007

eight cut. Also called the single cut. Extremely simplified form of the bril­liant cut used for small Diamonds usually below about 2 mm. diame­ter. Usually has 17 facets (no culet); 8 facets surround the table and 8 facets form the pavilion. See single cut.

eighth. A common abbreviation for an eighth carat.

eight-square stone. See blocker Eisenhower diamond. The "Crater of Diamonds," a kimberlite pipe near Murfreesboro, Arkansas, yielded this 3.11-carat diamond in 1957. The name was chosen by the Dallas, Texas, Gem & Mineral Society, be­cause it resembled the profile of the then President Eisenhower in carica­ture. In 1958, it was mounted, still uncut, as a pendant with a platinum chain by its discoverer and owner Mrs. Ruth McRae of Irving, Texas, now Mrs. Ruth Larson of Dallas.

E.K.L. Consortium. See societe's de


Elandsfontein. See jonker diamond. Elandsputte. An alluvial digging situated near Lichtenburg, Transvaal, Republic of South africa. It was the scene of a famous diamond rush in

1926 when 6,000 (the number has been put as high as 10,000) diggers took part in the race to stake claims. The deposit is almost worked out to­day. See lichtenburg.

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