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Wednesday, 19 September 2007

emission spectrum. The spectrum of the radiation produced by a given source. If a diamond is heated to a

Emerald cut

white heat, an emission spectrum will be produced that is characteris­tic of carbon and the impurities within the stone. A second type of emission spectrum results from fluorescence; i.e., a secondary radia­tion caused by excitation by X-rays, ultraviolet rays, cathode "rays or visi­ble radiation. Emission spectra may be continuous or seen as a series of bright lines in the spectroscope. See


Emperor Justinian Diamond. The

story surrounding this 25-carat dia­mond is legendary. It is said to have slipped out of the Crown of the Em­peror Justinian during his trium­phal procession in Constantinople in the year 548 A.D. The mishap is supposed to have occurred in the "Place of the Hebdomen," a public square. The stone was not found. It is said that centuries later a child, play­ing in the soil of that same square,

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