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Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Enterprise Nationale de Recherche et Exploitation. A government or­ganization set up in Guinea, in 1961, to handle all prospective mining and dealing, following that government's nationalization of its diamond- and gold-mining industries. See guinea.

epaulet (or epaulette). A modifica­tion of the pentagon cut, the shape of which is produced by varying the length and angles of the sides.

Epaulet (or epaulette) cut

Estrela de Minas Diamond. See star


Estrela de Minas or Estrela do Sul Diamond. See star of minas diamond. Estrela do Sul Diamond. See star of


estrellada. A Brazilian term for the deposits in which Diamonds are found.

etch pits. A pattern of pitting on the face of a crystal indicating crystal structure. Etched diamonds show various surface features such as triangular shapes aligned with edges of the face of the crystal (the oppo­site of a trigon) on octahedron faces, boat-shaped on dodecahedron faces, and square outlines on cube faces. Sometimes called etch figures.

eternity ring. The diamond eternity ring is a circlet of small diamonds set in a precious metal. This class of ring has been used in Europe for hun­dreds of years. The circle is the tradi­tional symbol of eternity.

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