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Wednesday, 19 September 2007

external characteristic. (1) A general term used to refer to any external or surface imperfection. (2) An alternate term for blemish. See blemish, flaw, im­perfection.

extra color. A term used in classify­ing Diamonds at the source for the second finest color grade.

extra facets. Facets in excess of those needed to achieve the planned symmetry of a given style of cutting. They usually result from polishing away nicks, chips, naturals, abra­sions and other blemishes on or near the surface, or they may be a cutting error. Extra facets are considered as blemishes if on the crown or visi­ble through the crown. See cutting, facet, symmetry.

extra-fancy gem blue. A term applied by some diamond men to diamonds of fine color; however, it is often used for lower grades.

extrusive rock. See igneous rock.

"eye-clean." A term that implies that no internal flaws are visible to the unaided eye of a qualified dia­mond-clarity grader. It is prohibit­ed by the American Gem Society for

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