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Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Fabulite (trademark). Trade name for man-made strontium titanate. face. (1) A term used in brillianteer-ing for the entire group of facets that can be placed on a diamond without repositioning it in the dop; viz., two star facets and four upper-break facets or four lower-break facets. (2) In crystallography, a natural, plane surface on a crystal. facet (fas"-et). A plane, polished sur­face placed on a diamond or other gemstone. See brilliant cut (round). faceted girdle. See girdle facet,


faceting. The operation of placing facets on a diamond or other gem. See cutting.

face up. A diamond oriented with the table facing toward the viewer, the usual position in which a mounted stone is observed. (See photo.)

face up color. Color observed in a diamond when viewed from above

in a direction perpendicular to the table. When viewed with the table up, some stones appear without noticeable color because of a mask­ing effect caused mainly by the bril­liancy of the diamond and partially by surface reflections. Color be­comes visible in mounted goods, in the face up position, at about "J" or "K" color. See face up well.

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