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Wednesday, 19 September 2007

faultless. A less-commonly-used term than flawless, but having essen­tially the same meaning. As a word approximately synonymous with flawless, it is subject to the same re­strictions under Federal Trade Com­mission Trade Practice Rules. See


faulty structure. Zones of improper crystallization and internal cleavages and fractures are all considered un­der faulty structure. The cause may be disturbances during the growth of the crystal or later separations.

favas. A Brazilian term used to de­scribe the grains of gem minerals found in placer deposits. Also refers to the deposits themselves.

fazenda fina. A Brazilian term that is used to describe small, slightly tinted but otherwise fine-quality diamond crystals.

feather. A feather is a cleavage or a fracture that has a feathery appear­ance when viewed at right angles to the separation plane. A feather that appears white to the grader is often called a glets in the trade. Hairline

feather is a cleavage or fracture that is so shallow that it appears to be a scratch at first glance, but extends a short distance into the diamond. See


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