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Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Fl. The abbreviation for flawless, the top clarity, or imperfection grade of diamond.

Flame of Cold Diamond. A 29-carat pear-shaped canary diamond which was in a necklace designed by Ann Samols, designer for Julius Cohen, that won the 1957 Diamonds-In­ternational Awards. It was bought from the firm of Julius Cohen in 1963 by Mr. Buddy Fogelson as a Christ­mas gift for his wife, Greer Garson. No other details are available.

Flaming Star Diamond. This unique 18.52-carat pear-shaped stone is a fine white color under normal light and glows a very intense brilliant orange color under ultraviolet light. It was cut from an 88-carat rough re­covered from the De Beers Mine. Baumgold Brothers of New York City purchased and polished the stone in 1967. It is reportedly still owned by Baumgold Brothers and valued at approximately $500,000.

Flat Creek Diamond. A 1.81-carat rough white diamond found in Union County, Tennessee. No other details are known.

flats. A term used in the rough-diamond trade for flat diamond crys­tals or portions thereof; they may or may not be portions of mac/es.

flat stone. A diamond brilliant with a very thin crown and pavilion. See


flaw. A general term used to refer to any Internal or external characteristic on a fashioned diamond; e.g., a feather, fissure, carbon spot, knot, etc. Some diamond men limit its use to internal faults only, using the term blemish for surface faults. The terms flaw and imperfection are usually

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