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Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Fleischman Star diamond. A 74.44-carat emerald-cut canary diamond purchased by Harry Winston, New York City gem merchant, in 1956. It was recut to 71.07 carats, and set in a clip-pendant combination with 32

brilliants weighing 13 carats. The Fleischman Star Diamond was sold through the Paris branch of Harry Winston, Inc., in 1957.

Flinders diamond. A misnomer for colorless topaz from Tasmania.

floating reef. Inclusion of the sur­rounding rock found in kimberlite in a diamond mine. See kimberlite, reef

. floor (or weathering floor). A name given to the flat area on which the hard diamond-bearing rock (kimber­lite) was once weathered as a step in the recovery process. Weathering, which will disintegrate kimberlite, was a practical step in the early days of diamond pipe mining, because near-surface rock tended to disinte­grate more rapidly than that mined at greater depths. In addition, the mill­ing equipment was cruder, and the fear of destroying large rough Diamonds was greater. The large in­vestment in mined but nonproduc­tive blueground and the added han­dling gradually led to the abandon­ment of this method.

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