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Wednesday, 19 September 2007

foilback. An inexpensive gemstone or a piece of faceted glass that has been backed with a thin leaf of metallic foil, either silver or other color, to simulate the brilliancy of a diamond or to impart or improve the color of a colored stone. Forlorn Hope. One of the early allu­vial diamond diggings on the Vaal River, Cape Province, Republic of South africa. Now an insignificant producer.

form-and-profile diamond dressing tool. A single-diamond dressing tool for trueing special radial and step forms. It may contain either an uncut diamond crystal or a lapped dia­mond.

Forminiere. See l'office forestiere et


Forty-Seventh Street. The present-day center in New York City of the diamond and jewelry industry of America.

foss. An irregular furrow or groove on a diamond crystal. Fosses are characteristic of crystals in the gray color range.

Four C's. A coined phrase for adver­tising purposes that restricts the numerous factors affecting diamond value to four terms: cutting, color, clarity, and carat we/grit. See quality,


four grainer. See grainer.

four-point diamond. (1) A diamond that weighs four one-hundredths of a carat. (See point). (2) A diamond whose table has been cut parallel to a possible face of the cube.

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